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I can still hear my good friend Iraj from journalism school saying, “Mykel, why? A photo must have a 'why!'"

I agree with him. However, there has always been a part of me that likes and seeks out images that ask questions too.

Maybe I'm drawn to those photographs -- and photographers -- because so much of the world leaves me with questions.

Gary Winograd is one such photographer. So much of his work fills me with a sense of wonder. His compositions are intriguing, and his images force you to search the edges looking for more.

So when I take a portrait of my son (like the image above), it satisfies my need to ask why. It speaks of “who” my son is, but not in a literal sense. I like to think it's a portrait of his inner self: an active kid with loads of energy, jumping for the sake of jumping, running for the sake of running.

I think the photograph also asks more questions than gives answers. Looking at the image, not seeing the subject's face, the viewer may wonder if he's having fun.

Is he jumping? Why? Is he suspended in the air, levitating? Such an image makes me curious, makes me wonder. My eyes move around the edges, searching for more details, for answers.

I love that about photography. I love that about art.

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