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She was a gift from my cousin who found her while visiting a friend. She was emaciated and muddy from recent rains and her ear was torn from a recent fight. She ran to my cousin, stopped at her feet and rolled over, showing her belly. It was almost as if to say, "You're my last chance". My cousin picked her up and walked around the neighborhood looking for her owner. No one wanted her or cared.

My cousin wrapped the orphaned mutt in her arms and drove home to feed her. Her sister took her to the veterinarian's office where she worked. They bathed and clipped her and mended her ear. Then they began making phone calls to try to find her a home.

My cousins didn't know that my wife and I were talking about getting a playmate for our dog. So when they went down the list of names and called us, we raced to the vet. It was love at first sight. She was exactly the type of dog we were hoping for.

Since bringing her home there hasn't been a night that she hasn't slept with us, curled up in the middle and sandwiched between us two. She's far from that scrawny ragamuffin my cousin found those many years ago. She is part of our family and our lives our better for it. We mill miss and our home will not be the same with out her


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